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Sign Permit
Welcome to the Sign Permit application process.
Please note the following application conditions:
  • You must have a MySaanich profile to make an application. If you do not have a profile, register for one before starting.
  • Ensure you have all documentation, per the list below, as the online application process will timeout if inactive for 15 minutes and will not be saved.
Required documentation:
  • Owner Authorization form - one form required for an owner on title or Building Manager.
  • A site plan showing the building frontage width measurement (metric) and the location of each proposed sign on the property in a PDF format, less than 10 MB in size
  • If applying for a freestanding sign, indicate the location of all existing freestanding signs on the site plan, and the distance from property lines for the proposed new freestanding sign(s).
  • If applying for a fascia, wall, or canopy sign, provide a drawing or photo of the entire face of the building that the sign is proposed to be located on, indicating the location of all existing and proposed signs.
  • Provide scaled drawings of each proposed sign indicating dimensions, materials, colours, and lighting.
  • Fees: $30.00 for each sign 0.4m2 [4.3ft2] or smaller in Sign Area; $60.00 for each sign larger than 0.4m2 but not exceeding 2m2 [21.5ft2] in Sign Area, $100.00 for each sign exceeding 2m2 [21.5ft2] in Sign Area.
  • A credit card is required to pay the permit fee(s) to complete your application.

Please refer to the Sign Permit webpage for visual examples of what is required in site plans.

Permitted signs:
  • Fascia
  • Freestanding
  • Canopy
  • Marque
  • Temporary
Not Permitted:
  • Roof Signs
  • Projecting Signs
  • Rotating Signs
  • Animated Signs
  • Third Party Signs
  • Portable Signs